April 06, 2020 Edgar Cazares Diaz

Actively Waiting by Faith

Actively Waiting by Faith

Some consider waiting as something passive. But, in our faith tradition, those who are waiting are waiting very actively. The Scriptures don’t describe waiting as a passive act. Henri Nouwen writes that “right here is a secret for us about waiting. When we wait with the conviction that a seed has been planted and that something has already begun, it changes the way we wait. We wait with the conviction that something is happening where we are. Active waiting implies being fully present to the moment with the conviction that something is happening where we are and that we want to be present to it…believing that this moment is the moment.”

Prayer: May we be mindful in our waiting, present to this moment, expectant of your holy work in our lives. Amen.

Reflection/Journal Activity

1)     What are you waiting for right now?

2)     In what ways do you see God present as you wait?

3)     How does your faith influence/inform your waiting?


Henri J. M. Nouwen and Gabrielle Earnshaw, You Are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living (London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2017), p.368.