April 22, 2020 Edgar Cazares Diaz

Sanctuary of the Holy

Sanctuary of the Holy

Paul Tillich once said that when we enter the sphere of faith, we enter the sanctuary of life. Tillich also says, “What concerns one ultimately becomes holy. The awareness of the holy is awareness of the presence of the divine . . ..”

My life changed last month, and I’ve slowly embraced that change along with the new normal that comes with it. However, I can say the following with certitude: I have a heightened awareness that God is near to me and is involved in the areas of my life that matter to me. For example, I have a deeper appreciation for how holy my wife and kids are to me. I’ve found a renewed sense of sacredness in “going” to church with my family (via YouTube). I’m grateful for my work. There exists a deep sense of fresh sacredness when I provide pastoral care to patients and families, many of whom are experiencing complex grief due to sudden loss from COVID-19, trauma, disease, etc. All this is holy to me.

God is present in the areas of our lives that are of ultimate concern to us, the areas of our lives that are holy and sacred. Our relationships, for example, are holy and sacred. Our roles and functions (e.g., spouse, parent, sister, brother, friend, etc.) are holy and sacred. Pastor Craig’s message on Sunday made that point indirectly.

When our perspective on something changes, our approach to it changes as well.

Prayer: Author of life and grace, may you open my eyes to see what is holy and sacred. Help me to cultivate holiness and sacredness in my life.

Reflection/Journal Activity

1.      What do you consider holy and sacred?

2.      How do you cultivate holiness and sacredness in your life?

3.      How do you see God involved in the areas of your life that are holy and sacred?


Paul Tillich, Dynamics of Faith (New York: Perennial, 2001), p.14.