June 20, 2020 Edgar Cazares Diaz

Community Is An Essential Service

Community Is An Essential Service

Though it’s not always easy, building and living in community is a cornerstone of our human spirituality. In community we learn what confession and forgiveness are. Community is what helps us become aware of and control our individualism. Community is what helps us learn what humility is. Henri Nouwen writes, “People of faith need community, for without it we become individualistic and, at times, egocentric. As difficult as it is, community is not really an option in the spiritual life . . . without community, communion with God is impossible.”

We are called to worship God in community. This is why faith community is an essential service that houses of worship provide. Faith communities, such as the one that South Coast Church provides, are the platforms for people to express their spirituality and worship God together.

Journal Activity/Reflection

1) How do you experience community?

2) Why is community important to you?

3) How can you help others build community?   


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