Our Priorities

What are the Priorities of South Coast Church?

Our priorities are what we believe God is directing us to be and become as His local church body.  These define who we are as a church and are part of our unique “DNA”.   You can see them clearly on the walls as you walk in to our main building.  They are as follows:   

We firmly believe that the church is not the BUILDING!  The church is the PEOPLE and people are our first priority as we bring them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that the church should be made up of all people from all cultures and backgrounds.  We believe that God’s church is called to love people and use things… never confusing the two!

Moses said, “Oh Lord, if your PRESENCE does not go with us, we do not wish to go!” This is the cry of our heart as well and we believe the God’s PRESENCE should be the guiding force in all that we do both as a church and individually.  In fact, if His PRESENCE does not lead us, we do not want to go!  We pray that God’s PRESENCE is felt by people from the moment they walk into our rooms and we also pray that this PRESENCE touches people’s lives and changes them forever!

We believe in the POWER promised by Jesus to His disciples at the beginning of the Early Church and that same POWER is available for every believer today.  We believe in the POWER given by the Holy Spirit to enable us to live as God directs and to overcome the cares of this world! 

We believe that this Power, given by the Holy Spirit, has a PURPOSE for every follower of Jesus Christ.  This PURPOSE targets God’s Power in each one of us as we follow God’s Word and His plan for our lives and strongly live out our witness of being a Christ follower.  This PURPOSE guides us into becoming who He calls us to be and to doing what He calls us to do!

We are not followers of Christ simply because Hell doesn’t sound like a great destination!!  We are not motivated by fear or even obligation.  We give our lives to Jesus Christ with all that we have!!  We love Jesus with PASSION!  We serve Him with PASSION and we live for Him with PASSION!  We love and serve others with that same PASSION.   We love People with PASSION… we long for God’s Presence with PASSION… we receive God’s Power with PASSION… and we commit do all that we can to fulfill God’s Purpose for us both individually and together with that same PASSION!